Want List - delajesus


Skullwings -  Osaka 30th Anniversary Marble Skullwings, Astro Corn, GID w/ Silver Spray,  Any Billiken kit, protos, test shots, etc, open to many versions I do not have. 

Long Shot: KAWS x Pushead Bronze Companion

Fight Figures

Secret Base -  Skullbrains - Crank HP, Get Fat Milk Hiddy HP, SDCC Hiddy HP, open to most gloved versions I do not have, MPSB #1,2,3,4 with Skullbrain head and gloves

Gargamel - GID Unpainted/Painted Shirahama Gargadeath,  Fight Figures - open to most I don't have, coin banks, baby Fight wind ups 


Any Minis / Mini sets 

Bounty Hunter 

100% Bearbrick / Kubricks

Demeru Kun B/W Version


Itokin Park - Space Mode Man or Astronauts - any versions

Kumons - most versions

Cometdebris - Kappa Kid (w/ hat) - most versions 

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